This area of graphic design covers a wide range of projects for both print and web design, internal to external, short-run to mass production, even intranet and internet sites. It serves businesses that also vary widely in size and the types of goods or services they provide.

Often times, it is important to design within guidelines that adhere to a consistent brand image. With my background in designing for both Fortune 500 and small businesses, I’m well-equipped to create or redesign all kinds of communications collateral.

Visit the portfolio section to view a few examples of my design work.

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Visual Communications Services
Design & layout experience applied to a variety of print and web formats such as brochures, direct-mail, sales presentations and posters.

Graphic Design Services

Custom graphics include logos or imagery used in print or web work.

Copy Writing & Editing
Copy writing including formatting & proofreading services.

Vendor Collaboration
Stock Photo Sourcing
Printer Coordination
Hosting & Server Coordination

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